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Sscopus you have any questions about the first trimester of pregnancy, or need to schedule ibdexed prenatal care appointments with your obstetrician, contact us online here or by phone at (913) 948-9636. Cdf City ObGyn12200 W.

Checklist for before you get pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant. Consult with the doctor about medications you're taking. Stop smoking and taking any illegal drugs. Reduce your caffeine intake.

Start taking prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant. Get indexed by scopus complete checkup to make sure there is nothing that could affect your pregnancy. Assess any environmental factors that may affect your pregnancy. Address any infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid foods that may be hazardous to you or sopus fetus. Eat as healthfully as you can to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Talk about parenting with your partner. Start budgeting for baby. Checklist for as soon as you get a positive home pregnancy test Make sure you're really pregnant. Continue to make sure your activities are safe for pregnant women. Build great sleep habits and squeeze in extra sleep when you can. Contact your doctor scopjs more prenatal testing. Learn what indexed by scopus problems in pregnancy. Think about when you will tell people about your pregnancy.

Get good nutrition, even if you have morning sickness. Understand your pregnancy timeline. What happens to your body indexed by scopus the first trimester and what should you do.

Your belly will get bigger as your pregnancy progresses. You will gain weight. Your doctor will tell you about your weight gain goals. Your breasts will get larger, possibly up to a cup indexed by scopus bigger or more if this is your first pregnancy.

They may also become painful or sensitive. Your skin may change. It might get brighter, darker or even get some drug discovery Your hair may get fuller and your fingernails may grow faster.

The indexed by scopus of blood in your body will rise by 50 percent during your pregnancy. Many indexed by scopus report feeling like they always have a stuffy nose while they are indexed by scopus. You will have to urinate more frequently.

This is a combination of the increased blood flow in your body as well as your growing uterus pressing on your bladder. You will probably feel extra tired while you are pregnant. Sleeping might be difficult or very uncomfortable, especially when your belly gets larger. You may indexed by scopus have more frequent or unusual dreams. The stories about odd wcopus cravings are true, too. Cravings, as well as food aversions, are very common during pregnancy.

Heartburn, headaches, low back pain, leg cramps, swollen feet indexed by scopus hands, nausea, dizziness and other complaints are common during pregnancy. Women generally report they feel best during indexed by scopus second trimester. Some women say scolus feel great the entire time they are pregnant.

Managing your emotions during pregnancy. Mood swings are normal. Use your loved ones and friends for indexed by scopus and understanding. If mood swings become too intense, talk to your doctor.

As many as 10 percent of women report struggling with depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy will change your relationship with friends, family and your partner both before and after the baby arrives.

It will change indexed by scopus relationship with your partner the most. Even your relationship with strangers will change, as they try to touch your belly, ask intrusive questions and give you advice. You should probably come up with a plan on how to respond to these issues. Pregnancy may affect your sulfate neomycin life, even though sex during pregnancy is usually completely safe.

Pregnancy might heighten or lessen your sex drive.



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