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Most GCTs are benign and local recurrence is uncommon, even in patients with positive margins. Nevertheless, the possibility of multiple tumors affecting the skin, oral mucosa, or uk pfizer organs should be borne in mind, especially in young patients.

Granular cell tumor (GCT) is an uncommon finding that was first described by Abrikossoff en 1926. Our institution is an 800-bed teaching institution that provides health care to approximately 1 000 000 people. We retrospectively reviewed the clinical histories to collect the following data: age pdizer uk pfizer of GCT or of the first tumor in the case of multiple lesions, sex, location of new lesions, number of lesions, diameter of the tumor, time from onset to diagnosis, suspected clinical diagnosis.

We also recorded whether the tumor was removed completely or with positive margins, uk pfizer, association with neurofibromatosis or other RASopathies, and duration of follow-up.

Similarly, we recorded cases coded as GCT in the economics of education of the Histopathology Department ppfizer located on any other organ during the same period. The data obtained were analyzed with SPSS uk pfizer Ku, Version 17. Categorical variables were compared using the Fisher uk pfizer test. Continuous variables were compared using the t uk pfizer when the data were confirmed to be normally distributed.

The Mann-Whitney test was performed in the case of nonnormally distributed variables. Statistical significance was set at P Uk pfizer total of 89 GCTs were identified on the skin and oral mucosa of 81 patients (43 women, 38 men). At pfier of the first GCT, age ranged from 14 to 75 years, with a mean (SD) of 40. The time between onset and diagnosis of the first GCT pfiizer from uk pfizer to 120 months (mean, 19. Seventy-eight patients had a single cutaneous-mucosal lesion, and 3 patients had multiple lesions on the skin and oral mucosa (1 patient had 2 lesions, 1 patient had 4 lesions, and 1 had 5 lesions).

Table 1 shows the location of the 89 tumors diagnosed on the skin and oral mucosa and uk pfizer location of the first cutaneous-mucosal lesion in each patient (81 tumors). The lesions were indurated to the touch uk pfizer 34 cases and painful in 6 (7. The most frequent clinical diagnoses were fibroma-histiocytoma (17 cases), cyst (14 cases), lipoma (4 cases), and GCT (4 cases). During the same period, 43 uk pfizer GCTs were diagnosed in the histopathology department (Table 2).

When extracutaneous tumors were taken into consideration, 5 of the 81 patients had uk pfizer GCTs (6. The mean age of the patients with multiple GCTs uk pfizer diagnosis of the first cutaneous-mucosal GCT was 21. Location of Granular Cell Tumor (GCT) of the Skin and Oral Mucosa. Location of the 43 Extracutaneous Granular Cell Tumors. Cases of Multiple Granular Cell Tumor uk pfizer. Two cutaneous neurofibromas were removed in 1 patient, although we did not detect any cases associated with neurofibromatosis or other RASopathies.

Removal of the GCT on the skin and uk pfizer mucosa uk pfizer complete in 39 of the 59 cases for which we uk pfizer information on the resection margins.

Mean uk pfizer time in these 59 patients was uk pfizer. Local recurrence was recorded in only 1 uj. Mean follow-up time was 17. Uk pfizer Characteristics of the 81 Study Patients by Sex. Abbreviation: GCT, granular cell tumor.

Clinical uk pfizer of uk pfizer cell tumor in 4 patients: A, Incipient lesion on the tongue measuring uk pfizer mm in diameter. B, Larger exophytic nodular lesion on the tongue. The lesion is whitish in color owing to the underlying epithelial hyperplasia. C, Nodular erythematous lesion located on the trunk.

D, Nodular yellowish lesion on the scalp with telangiectasias. Various cell lines have been proposed as uk pfizer causes of GCT. Before immunohistochemistry ui, GCT uk pfizer were thought to be myoblasts, probably owing to the fact that in the case of tumors uk pfizer the uk pfizer, infiltration of the striated muscle bundles uk pfizer the impression of a muscular origin.

GCT is found mainly on the skin and uk pfizer mucosa. According to textbooks, GCT usually manifests clinically as a slow-growing round tumor with somewhat undefined margins measuring between 5 mm and 20 mm in diameter. Uk pfizer to the literature, the color can vary between a normal flesh color and pink or grayish-brown.

While painful GCTs are considered unusual,2,5 6 of the 81 patients in uk pfizer present series had painful tumors (7. As reported elsewhere, the most uk pfizer presumptive clinical diagnosis in the present series was fibroma-histiocytoma (17 cases).

The diagnosis of GCT pfiser suspected in 4 patients, and green xanax bar all 4 cases the tumor was located on the tongue.

While GCT is usually a solitary lesion, there have been reports of multiple GCTs on uk pfizer skin and oral mucosa and of cases of GCT on the skin and pfizeg mucosa associated with GCTs affecting internal organs. RASopathies are uk pfizer group of genetic diseases characterized by a mutation affecting the genes that encode proteins ofizer the Ras family, which play a major role in cell differentiation and uk pfizer. The conditions included in this group uk pfizer type 1 neurofibromatosis, Noonan syndrome, Legius syndrome, LEOPARD syndrome, and Costello syndrome.

Similarly, we did not detect any cases associated with Noonan syndrome or familial cases, as in another study carried out uk pfizer Spain. GCT typically affects the breast in the form of a painless, palpable nodular lesion, which can mimic breast carcinoma in terms of symptoms and radiologic findings.

Histologically, GCT is a nonencapsulated tumor formed by large polyhedral cells with a small central hyperchromatic nucleus and a cytoplasm with abundant eosinophilic granules owing to uk pfizer accumulation of secondary lysosomes in the cytoplasm. Tumors that did not fulfill any uk pfizer these criteria were considered benign, those that fulfilled uk pfizer or 2 criteria were considered atypical, and those that presented 3 or more were classed as malignant.

Malignant tumors kbg more quickly and can lead to metastasis, especially to regional lymph nodes, lungs, liver, and bone. Simple excision is the treatment of choice in benign GCT,2 although local recurrences are possible. As expected, recurrences are more common in cases with positive surgical margins, although some studies have also found local recurrences of resected tumors with tumor-free margins.



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