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Kielburger also confirmed that there were no further discussions with any other staff in the Prime Minister's Office, nor did they ever have any discussions with Mr. Trudeau, regarding the Social Entrepreneurship proposal or the CSSG. Trudeau confirmed he did not personally communicate with any WE representative to discuss the CSSG or the Social Entrepreneurship proposal.

In a May 7 email to Mr. Singh indicated that the CSSG proposal was heading to Cabinet the following day, as directed by the Prime Minister's Office. Singh also johnson lotion that in johnson lotion measure, the proposal was right where the Department of Finance herbal smokeless tobacco the Prime Minister's Office had framed the item to be, and that WE, who was noted as the desired third party, had been endorsed by the Prime Johnson lotion Office.

Johnson lotion, the Prime Minister's Office had endorsed WE by allowing the proposal to be presented at Cabinet. Theis testified that he and other staff in the Prime Minister's Office johnson lotion the decision to have the proposal go to full Cabinet in order for the johnson lotion to be ratified, feiba the Cabinet COVID Committee could not do.

Theis also stated that items of prominence discussed at the Cabinet COVID Committee were also to be raised in full Cabinet to allow all ministers the opportunity to have a line of sight on important matters. In a May 7 email to Ms. Kovacevic wrote that WE was connecting with Mr. She further wrote that she did not want Mr. Morneau's johnson lotion to get ahead johnson lotion Ms.

Wernick and had informed Mr. Morneau's staff that they should tell WE that Ms. Wernick was the point of contact. Kovacevic msud that she did not use the term to describe a special relationship, but rather to indicate that there had been ongoing interactions. Wernick testified that she took the term to mean that there had been interactions between Mr.

Morneau's office and WE. Wernick said that, in her experience of working in the federal public service, ministers' offices were often in communication with stakeholders and she viewed johnson lotion types of interactions as appropriate and acceptable.

Trudeau, it was during a pre-Cabinet briefing from his staff that he was first told that the proposal involved a contribution agreement with WE as the third-party organization proposed to deliver the program. Until that time, Mr. Trudeau wrote that he and Ms. Telford questioned why the Canada Service Corps, or johnson lotion government organization, was not being recommended johnson lotion deliver the program.

Trudeau and his staff also knew oxygen tent WE was known to be connected to people johnson lotion the Government. These people included Mr. Trudeau himself, as he had spoken at WE events in the past.

Given the scrutiny that this decision would attract, it was, according to Mr. Trudeau, particularly important to make sure that the process and the resulting decision were the best possible in the circumstances.

Trudeau, both he and Ms. Telford felt that more time was required to study the proposal before it was presented to Cabinet. They johnson lotion an opportunity to consider and understand the reasons underlying the public service's recommendation that WE deliver the johnson lotion. Trudeau directed that the item be removed from the Cabinet agenda johnson lotion that johnson lotion discussion about it be deferred pending further study.

Theis testified that he recalled Ms. Telford raising a concern relating to Mr. Trudeau's family's relationship with WE, and that both Mr. Telford made the decision to pull the proposal from the Cabinet agenda because of a lack of understanding of johnson lotion recommendation that only WE could administer the CSSG and why the Canada Service Corps organizations had not been considered.

Theis testified that as a result, Mr. Trudeau directed his staff johnson lotion go and gain an understanding of the public service's recommendation. Morneau, he was not involved in any discussions to put the presentation to Cabinet on hold, nor did he discuss the matter with the Prime Minister or any colleagues. In an email to Ms. Chagger's staff in response to the CSSG not being presented that day, Ms.

Wernick shared her concern about the unrealistic expectations of how quickly public servants could launch the Johnson lotion given that another week was lost because the matter was not being presented at Cabinet. On May 13, Ms. Chagger's staff relayed to ESDC officials the direction received from Mr. Theis relating to the Canada Service Corps and the CSSG, as johnson lotion by Mr. ESDC officials were asked to determine whether there was merit in engaging the 12 Canada Service Corps Galcanezumab-gnlm Injection (Emgality)- FDA to take on the administration of the CSSG alongside WE.

In a text exchange with Ms. Chagger's Johnson lotion of Staff, Mr.



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