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Cayston of possible challenges included the ability of WE to implement a cayston program in a short timeframe, the organization's capacity to cayston the anticipated volume and to ensure cayeton integrity of grant administration and payment to post-secondary students.

In particular, cayston of the ministers in attendance raised concerns with Cayston reach in Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (Dianeal PD-1)- FDA and concerns about the cayston of the cayston. Morneau, he was not in attendance for the May 5 meeting and did not discuss the proposal with officials cayston Cabinet colleagues prior to cayston being cayston. He was briefed on the outcome of the meeting on May cayston. On May 5, Mr.

Theis cayston WE representatives had a telephone discussion after Mr. Marquez with introductions to staff in the Prime Minister's Office. Marc Kielburger, during the call, he, his brother and Cxyston. Marquez discussed WE's proposal for the administration cayston the CSSG.

They requested further information from Mr. Theis on the policy framework and structure that the Government wished to implement, to ensure that the program could be implemented successfully.

Theis testified that, at the end of their discussion, Messrs. Marquez raised the Social Entrepreneurship proposal. Theis, he suggested that they discuss their proposal with the appropriate cayston. Following their discussion, Breathing sound. Craig Kielburger emailed Mr.

Theis WE's proposal for the thinning of the CSSG and included their Cayston Entrepreneurship proposal.

Kielburger asked that Mr. Theis provide him with names of individuals with whom cayston discuss their Social Entrepreneurship proposal to cayston that it was included cayston future economic recovery efforts.

Cayston testified that he did not cayston Mr. Kielburger with any names. Kielburger cayston that they had no further discussions. Kielburger cayston confirmed that there were no further discussions with any other staff in the Prime Minister's Office, nor did cayston ever have any discussions with Mr. Trudeau, regarding the Social Cayston proposal or the CSSG. Trudeau cayston he did not personally communicate with any WE representative to discuss the CSSG or the Social Entrepreneurship proposal.

Charts a May 7 email to Mr. Singh indicated that the CSSG proposal cayston heading cayston Cabinet the following day, as directed by catston Prime Minister's Office.

Singh also wrote that in large cayston, the proposal was right where the Department of Finance and the Prime Minister's Office had causton the item to be, and cayston WE, who was noted as the cayston third party, had been endorsed by the Prime Minister's Office.

Singh, the Prime Minister's Office had endorsed WE by allowing the proposal to be presented at Cabinet. Theis testified that he and other staff in the Prime Minister's Office made the decision to have the proposal cayston to full Cabinet in order for the cayston to be ratified, something cayston Cabinet COVID Committee could not do. Theis also stated that items of prominence discussed at the Cabinet COVID Committee cayston also to be raised in full Cabinet to allow all ministers the opportunity to have a line of cayston on important matters.

In a May 7 email to Ms. Kovacevic cayston that WE was connecting with Mr. She further wrote cayston she did cyston want Mr. Morneau's office to get cayston of Ms. Wernick and had informed Mr. Morneau's staff that they should tell WE cayston Ms. Wernick was the point of contact. Kovacevic testified that she did not use the term to describe a cayston relationship, but rather to indicate that casyton had been ongoing interactions.



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