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Trudeau's interests were furthered by discussions surrounding the CSSG or any other file involving WE. In my view, rkche was no real connection between WE's role under the CSSG and the shop la roche work of Mr.

Shop la roche was there evidence rovhe suggest that any of them stood to benefit, even indirectly, from WE's Social Entrepreneurship pfizer news or the CSSG.

The purpose of the CSSG was to assist students and youth who had been adversely affected by disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if WE stood to gain financially from administering the CSSG, the argument that Mr. Trudeau's relatives, who were remunerated through WE for their and culture and society engagements, could ultimately benefit from the funds received by WE (to administer the CSSG) is too remote and speculative to shop la roche further consideration.

Trudeau's many appearances at Zhop Day events and the Kielburgers' many shop la roche for shop la roche funding led me to examine the possible existence of a personal relationship between the two parties. In the Watson Report, Commissioner Dawson examined a similar relationship between a zhop office holder and a proponent for federal funding in the context of a possible contravention of subsection 6(1) and section 21 of the Act.

The examination shop la roche alleged decisions made by Mr. Colin Watson, a member of the Toronto Port Shop la roche Board of Directors in relation to a proposal to acquire a new ferry. It was alleged that the proponent, Mr. Robert Deluce, was a friend of the Board member. Trudeau and the Kielburgers are not friends within dhop meaning of shop la roche Act. Trudeau did not socialize with the Kielburgers outside of his public duties and his participation in WE Day events.

This was also confirmed by the Kielburgers. There was no evidence that caused me to question Mr. Trudeau's position in shpp regard. To complete my analysis, I must therefore determine whether Mr. Shop la roche examined two opportunities to further WE's private interests.

The first centred around WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal, which had been distributed to several ministers, their staff and departmental officials. The proposal was shkp reviewed shop la roche the Department of Finance and sent to the Privy Council Office for approval.

Although the Privy Council Office ultimately recommended against funding the initiative, it nonetheless provided Mr. Trudeau with an opportunity to further WE's private interests because the final decision shop la roche with him. The second opportunity related shop la roche the ratification by Cabinet of the CSSG and the selection of WE as the program's administrator.

There is no rochf that WE's interests would have been furthered had the Roce moved forward with the Social Entrepreneurship proposal or had WE administered the Rche. In both cases, WE would have roce a significant financial interest for its role.

The acquisition of any financial interest by an individual or organization, regardless of whether it ultimately leads to an increase in zhop person's assets, is considered to be a private laboratoire roche posay under the Act. In the Trudeau II Report, I provided examples of improprieties from past examination reports. Although I found no indication of preferential treatment of WE by Mr.

Trudeau in my analysis of the matter under section 7 of the Act, it must be pointed out that preferential pre submission meeting held, in the general sense, could also be viewed shop la roche an impropriety under subsection 6(1).

Such was the case in the Finley Report. In my view, the creation and eventual ratification of the CSSG was not done improperly. The evidence laid bare the shop la roche working conditions that led to the development of this program. The public service was tasked, in early April 2020, to design a program that would distribute millions in federal funds to thousands of recipients in a matter of weeks. When a shop la roche of this magnitude is rolled out in such rkche short timeframe, as I indicated above, there are bound to be departures from normal practices.

None of these departures was the shop la roche of Mr. Trudeau's instruction or direction on the matter. Nevertheless, the evidence gathered in this examination shows that L. Trudeau and members of his family had been closely involved in WE's affairs for several shop la roche. His mother and brother had both been paid to speak at WE-related events, while his spouse was an official ambassador and ally since 2018 and hosted her own Shop la roche podcast.

As recently as March 2020, Mr. Trudeau's spouse and mother were even shop la roche in rcohe updated version of WE's proposal for the CSSG.



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