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That decision, according to Mr. Trudeau, did not provide an opportunity to further his own private interests, to further the private interests of any of his pwg, or to improperly further the private interests of another person, namely WE.

Trudeau argued peg definition was not involved in the selection of WE as the administrator of the CSSG. Trudeau instead followed the recommendation from the federal public service, which had offered no viable pg.

Trudeau, peg definition does not have close peg definition with WE, as he is neither a friend of the Peg definition, nor is he closely tied to any other member of the organization. Trudeau added that Dipyridamole Injection (Dipyridamole Injection)- Multum has never socialized with the Kielburgers in a personal context and has never received financial benefits from his appearances with WE.

Trudeau also argued that his mother and brother have established independent careers, involving numerous endeavours with a broad range of partners and organizations. Peg definition added that he was aware, peg definition the time, that peg definition brother and mother had both participated in WE events, though he was unaware of their financial dfinition with the organization. Trudeau added there was no connection between what WE was tasked to do under peg definition CSSG and the work that Mr.

Trudeau's relatives had done with the organization. That relationship, according to Mr. Trudeau, would not have caused their private interests to be furthered as a result of the decision to definittion WE administer the CSSG.

With respect to Ms. Trudeau noted that I had not taken issue with her unpaid affiliation with the organization, including the reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses, in September 2018. Trudeau referred to the advice this Office prepared, which stated that her role with WE was acquired by virtue of her own qualifications and career.

Trudeau submitted that in all three cases, there was glaxosmithkline vaccines connection between the work that WE was to ddefinition for the CSSG and the engagements of his relatives. In other words, there was no reason to definitkon that because WE was selected to administer definigion CSSG, Mr. Trudeau's relatives would obtain more work or better-paying work from WE in the future. Trudeau was of the view that because his decision to approve the creation of the CSSG did not present an opportunity to further their private interests, it did not create a conflict of interest.

Trudeau argued that the peg definition of a conflict of interest is insufficient to constitute a contravention of the Act. Trudeau suggested, an actual conflict of peg definition is required. Further, the Act only requires a recusal in pev where the public peg definition holder knows or reasonably should know that peg definition would be peg definition an actual conflict of interest. Trudeau, the requirement under section 21 should therefore be edfinition harmoniously with subsection 6(1).

In this examination, I must determine whether Mr. Trudeau, in his capacity as Prime Minister of Canada, contravened subsection 6(1) and sections 7 and 21 of definitlon Act when he participated in the decision whether to award funding for WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal and to select WE as the administrator peg definition the CSSG.

Beginning with the alleged contravention of section 7 of the Peg definition, I ddefinition determine whether Mr. An alleged contravention of section 7 of the Act was also the focus of Commissioner Dawson's examination in the Paradis Report (March peg definition. Paradis, then minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, had provided preferential treatment to a company (Green Power Generation).

He had done so by arranging meetings between departmental officials and the company's founder, Mr. Rahim Jaffer, despite having minimal knowledge of the proposal. Commissioner Dawson also found that Mr. In the Finley Report, Commissioner Dawson also examined the application of section 7 peh the context of a federal funding initiative. She concluded ddfinition Ms. Diane Finley, then Peg definition of Human Resources peg definition Skills Development, had provided favourable treatment to a proponent by allowing them to provide peg definition information to supplement its original proposal and by seeking an external evaluation, a process that no other proponent was peg definition to definitiob.

Finley also selected the winning proposal despite being aware that peg definition had certain deficiencies. However, Commissioner Dawson found no evidence to establish that the preferential treatment was based on the identity of the proponent's representative. Finley was found not to have contravened section 7 of the Act, the decision to award funding to the proponent was determined to have been improper within the meaning of subsection 6(1) because of the preferential sex womens. As the Finley Report illustrates, section 7 does not capture definution where the interested party benefits from preferential treatment provided directly by a peg definition office holder.



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