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Three decades ago, McWhinney discussed the challenges of abstraction and generalisation for understanding patients in general practice. Neither did he defy the existence of general laws, nor did he suggest that quantitative research jkhnson be substituted with qualitative research.

The clinical encounter is the core of general practice. How can knowledge and skills from different sources be developed, individualised, and applied with clinical proficiency within the inevitable uncertainty of clinical practice. How can mm1941 respectfully show their patients that 1m941 understand their particular problems and offer specific advice.

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For real m191 to advance, new questions may be more crucial than old answers. Competing interestsThe authors have declared no competing interests.

OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedLamahewa K, Buszewicz M, Walters K, et al. Gol J, Terpstra T, Lucassen P, et al. Jones B, Williams ACdC (2019) Br J Gen Pract, CBT to m1941 johnson healthcare use for medically unexplained symptoms: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Aamland M1941 johnson, Fosse A, Ree E, et al. Werner A, Malterud K (2003) It is hard work behaving as a credible patient: encounters between women with chronic pain and their doctors. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedJohansen ML, Risor MB (2017) What is the problem with medically unexplained symptoms for GPs.

M1941 johnson meta-synthesis of qualitative studies. OpenUrlCreed F, Guthrie E, Fink P, et al. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedolde Hartman TC, Rosendal M, Aamland A, et al. Malterud K (2001) The art and science of clinical knowledge: evidence beyond measures m1941 johnson numbers. Johnsonn Back to top Previous ArticleNext Article In this issue British Journal of General PracticeVol. Message M1941 johnson (Your Name) has forwarded a page to you from British Journal of General Practice Message Body (Your Name) m1941 johnson you would m1941 johnson to see this page from British Journal of General Practice.

Citation Tools Medically unexplained symptoms: are we making progress. Atkins, PhDUncertainty m1941 johnson a given in diagnosis. Sometimes, when the correct diagnosis comes quickly, uncertainty is brief and mild. Other times, uncertainty settles in as a chronic condition, with unfortunate results for both clinician and patient. Between m1941 johnson two extremes, each case travels through a period m1941 johnson dynamic uncertainty as oncology reports patient and clinician work their way through history-taking, physical examination, and testing.

Hopefully, uncertainty ebbs as more is known, and the mystery is m1941 johnson. Traditionally, the goal of diagnosis is to extinguish uncertainty, with both clinicians and patients invested in finding a clear and m1941 johnson answer as quickly as possible. For patients, diagnosis is the key that unlocks the door to treatment m1941 johnson financial support.

Having a diagnosis allows them to feel they are on the mend, receiving appropriate treatment or therapy. The clinician can feel satisfied that the case is closed, at least for the time being, and move on to the next.



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