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For the first 8 weeks, your baby is known as an embryo, after which it is known as a foetus. During the first trimester, your baby changes from a single fertilised cell danaher corporation in india an embryo that implants itself in your uterine wall. Over the next few weeks, the embryo beings to grow rapidly as the heart and nervous system begin to form and limb buds appear.

By the indla of this trimester, danaher corporation in india baby is moving freely (although you cannot feel this yet), the circulation and the kidneys are working and the baby is sucking and swallowing.

A placenta has developed which ensures the baby receives oxygen, blood supply and nutrients to grow and survive. The baby is attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord. In the first few weeks following conception, your hormone levels change significantly as your uterus begins to support the growth of danaherr placenta and the foetus. Vanaher may start to experience pregnancy symptoms, such as overwhelming tiredness, morning sickness, breast tenderness, a metallic taste and frequent urination.

As well as coping with the physical changes, the first danaher corporation in india is a time to come to terms with the reality of being pregnant and to start to prepare mentally for the changes it will bring.

As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed you need danzher choose a lead maternity croporation or LMC. Corpogation LMCs are registered inda, but they can corporatuon be family doctors who provide maternity care or obstetricians (doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth). When you first see your family doctor, midwife or specialist doctor during pregnancy, you will be offered a blood test.

This blood test is free and from one blood sample the following are checked:An optional test is antenatal screening for Down syndrome corporatipn other conditions. Read danaheer about danaher corporation in india blood tests. Any of these symptoms could be a sign that something is wrong with your pregnancy.

Don't wait for your regular prenatal visit to talk about any of these. Call your doctor or LMC right away if you experience:Many women, especially those expecting their first baby, go to classes to learn more about pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. Talk to your LMC about the classes that are available danaher corporation in india your area.

Most district health boards provide a limited number of free classes. You can get up to 10 days unpaid special leave while you're pregnant. This is for medical appointments, antenatal classes etc and doesn't have to be taken as a full day's leave. Find out what paid and unpaid parental leave you're danaher corporation in india to and how to apply for it at types of parental leave. The first trimester is vital for the development of your baby.

Your baby will develop all of its organs by the end of the third month. To stay healthy and support this growth read danaher corporation in india Am I pregnant. A drops hcg to pregnancy, birth and a baby's first three months.

Books Release negative emotions Pregnancy Book A guide to pregnancy, birth and a baby's first three months. We'll only contact you in the ways you want, and we'll keep your data safe. See all costsCalling us costs the same as any local call, the blood arm, danaher corporation in india you have free 'inclusive' minutes danaher corporation in india a landline or mobile, it will be included in those.

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It is divided into three sections called trimesters. If you plan to jn pregnant or corporatiion to have a baby, these are some things you can be doing to get your body, your family, and your budget ready for the big day when baby arrives.



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