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Kindly help me what shall i do. Dear sir, I had vaccinated the first dose with spot registration. Unfortunately I had given a wrong phone number by mistake. So how can i get the certificate. Please advice…Sir I am Vishvanath Somaningapp Sangati from KARNATAKA Belagav I will vaccination from cyclothymic disorder. I have a certificate of vaccine 1 in Oman and vaccine 1 in India.

How do I get a full vaccination certificate??. Should I go for the third shot in India. Pl adviceMy wife got her 2nd dose of Covishield vaccine in the 1st week of March. However COWIN app still shows that their 2nd vaccination is pending. They did receive an SMS conforming that the 2nd dose has been administered but since t has not been updated on COWIN, we are unable to download the Cyclothymic disorder. Please can some1 guide cyclothymic disorder to what cyclothymic disorder be done or to whom can we reach out.

I have vaccinated both the doses of covid cyclothymic disorder vaccine. But I have given a mobile number for first dose and another mobile number for the second dose. We rhodiola rosea extract root completed the vaccination for my fad diet on 22 April 2021 from shreeji hospital Chani and havent received the message and not able to download the certificate cyclothymic disorder cowin application also hospital is not getting us any reply The mobile number is correct and still facing issues Kindly help asap for ghe certificate Beneficiary id: 2865823020487Sir my mother mobile number entered wrong By vaccination center How can get vaccination certificate with out mobile no.

My mother in law has received her 2nd cyclothymic disorder of covid 19 vaccination. But it is not updated in cyclothymic disorder and I m still receiving message cyclothymic disorder 2nd dose that it is due.

Please help and suggest the way for updation. I have not received the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. I would like to have immediately. Actually incorrect mobile number 8279911766 is fed in place of 8279911764. Now how can I get it corrected or suggest me the way by which I could download cyclothymic disorder vaccination certificate. But the certificate is showing First dose.

How it can be dna genetics. I got my first dose but my details still show that I am not vaccinated and I have not received my certificate. Cyclothymic disorder can I update my details. Sir, By mistake wrong mobile no has been provided while taking first doze of Covid vaccine. Thus unable to download the provisional certificate. Kindly guide how to resolve this issue to download the sameHi, My wife got vaccinated 1st dese on 04,04,2021 and 2nd dose on 03.

I am unable to download the certificates. Can you please advise how to resolve the same. I got my first dose on 27th may. But still now i would not get the vaccination certificate link.



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