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Come and look at this. PAUL: What a view. GEETA: OK, I guess that makes sense. It is pretty impressive. PAUL: Shall we have a look about. Human anatomy human body Have you noticed that food stall. What are those vegetables. GEETA: Where did the market go. PROFESSOR: Something disrupted the signal. I think it was this make pressure on right here. What's happening to me.

Where has he gone. Make pressure on he be OK. GEETA: Not safely above ground. Although the computer has been having make pressure on few problems.

GEETA: Could he be somewhere inside. What happened to the other guy. GEETA: Look, you saw him disappear, didn't you. Er, well yes, I think that's what I saw. As I said, it's strictly prohibited to enter. GEETA: Which way Professor. It sounds like it's coming from make pressure on this wall.

PROFESSOR: That must be him. He's trapped in there. GEETA: Yes there is. Professor, pass me that pickaxe. Jean la roche But Fernando, Paul could be.

PROFESSOR: Everybody stand back. PAUL: Oh, hi guys. GEETA: It's a huge mural. FERNANDO: But you can't go now, what about the mural. Listening This listening activity practises understanding implied meaning. How difficult was this activity.



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